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Uncle Buck's Mojo Box

Have you ever been downtown and were just about ready to give up on the evening and you hear a faint guitar tuning...just a twang here and a riff there...and you think to yourself that someone must be tuning a blues machine close by...?

Then you turn the corner just before the bridge down by Sgt. Preston’s and there begins a distinct wailing but beautiful sound of confidence and rock and blues bad-assery…

We got to Sgt. P.’s just in time to catch the beginning of the first set last Saturday from a Rock and Blues cover band who call themselves Uncle Buck’s Mojo Box.  With a name like that you better bring it strong.  And brother let me tell ya’...bring it they did.

I remarked to the lead guitarist and vocalist on his first break (they played for near four hours or more) that his review would be a very easy review to write.  But as I write about the music they brought that evening that turned into morning with seemingly no effort, I'm finding that it’s actually more difficult to write the review.  Because quite frankly I can't seem to properly express this level of play in my normal musical and venue vocabulary…

It was clear from the start that there was NO ambiguity whatsoever in his influences.  Each song, while committed to the artist’s work they covered with a respectful purity, was filled to the blues and rock brim with influences from a half dozen other artists...seemingly all at once.

It was as if there was a musical melting pot and lead singer and guitarist Bill Brose drank from it’s cauldron.

It takes passion to handle an ax like that folks.  I'm not talking about dirty street variety hobby time for little kids here.  I’m talking about sleep with it, play with it, make love to it and name that guitar.  I didn't ask him what he called her, but I can promise...he loved her.

Let me put it this way.  The harder he played, the better he played, the better he played, the harder he played…it was a perfect circle of guitar genius..

In other words little children, you should never attempt what Bill B. accomplished last Saturday night in our presence.  Consider us humbled.  And as my regular readers girl and I have seen many a band.  We don't often hand out this much praise.

Not since Dead Man’s Hand have I heard that kind of impeccable timing.  Both bassist and the drummer kept time in as crisp a fashion as could possibly be expected with the advanced level of play brought to the kitchen by the lead guitar.

Uncle Buck’s Mojo Box line-up (taken from artist’s Facebook page)

Bill Brose
Jeff Newman
Greg Dalton

Influences and covers of note included:

Big Mama Thornton’s version of Hound Dog

Bill Withers

ZZ Top medley that included an expertly extended and soulful version of La Grange

Stevie Ray Vaughn (multiple)

Ray Charles

Johnny Winter (my favorite nod of the evening I think)

And that quite literally is just to name a few.

Favorite quote of the night: “These are last night’s strings!”

Second favorite: "It would be a shame to wake up tomorrow without a hangover!"

Final note.  With a post-expert understanding of the fret and the magic that it brings, stepping out into the dancing crowd to add to the heat, tearing it up in a rock-driven, blues-chord laden explosion…I must yield that there really is only one word that best describes the music that these guys put out without missing a single note or key or timing switch or bridge progression.  I listened very intently and found NONE.

And that word is well...Damn.

When the music is good, we dance - when we dance hard, we drink more - when we drink more, I write things down for my review that I can’t read the next day!

Short answer...U.B.M.B. was so damn good I can't read most of what I wrote - ;)

But the memory is still rocking in my head.

Rock on brother,