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​(Lafayette Super Group)

Just a short blurb to acknowledge another great gig at a great pub.

It took me two days to recover from the madness that was this past Saturday at Digby’s Pub and Patio.  It was a special day for RickerRocker.  It comes only once a year and as such we needed to choose a special place to spend it.

We had choices baby, big choices.  We could have travelled just a little bit North, or a little bit South, and could have caught one of three huge arena bands; one of them on their last tour.

Instead we chose something that was ultimately much more rewarding.

We chose to catch The LSG at Digby’s.  For the uninitiated, LSG is The Lafayette Super Group; a collection of local artists that reportedly have gathered only twice, with different members playing each time.  A great idea certainly, we heard about it and had to come see.  We came with great expectation and we were not disappointed.

The venue seemed to strain to hold all that was happening at certain points in the performance.  I saw people arrive in a steady stream until it became the largest crowd I’ve seen show up for a local band in a very long time.  Did anyone get a head count???

SRO to describe this event was an understatement.  Every chair was taken, every corner was occupied, every spot on the floor was being danced in…and a few chairs - ;)

The multi-talented band came on strong out of the gate.  Big numbers with long subsets and breakdowns, the kind that make you want to dance more, drink more, dance more.  I think my favorite part of the evening was the big band sound thrown in the mix.  Maybe it was the mood...maybe the atmosphere.  Thanks to Alex Mason, Chad Downey, and Ryan “Fletch” Fletcher for bringing the brass.

Thank you Ebony Barrett-Kennedy for stretching the soulful lyrics to limits that made the crowd want to get funky and stay there.  She continued to sustain those overarching notes that hold you for a while and don’t let you go.  I seem to recall she directed us to dance at one point.  Perhaps I imagined that.  In either case I willingly complied.  There’s a picture somewhere - ;)

L.D. Miller gets another gold star.  I can’t say enough.  An honest performer.

Thank you to ALL the band members that participated.  We look forward to seeing you each in your respective venues and getting another listen to what you do.

And while I can’t recall all faces present…The LSG members who played that night were:

L.D. Miller - Harmonica/Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Electronics
Ebony Barrett-Kennedy - Vocals
Scott Pazera - Bass
Jeff Lageveen - Drums/Percussion
Mark Cooper - Keys/Vocals
Cole Miller - Acoustic Guitar
Ryan "Icky" Fletcher - Percussion
Alex Mason - Trombone
Chad Downey - Trumpet
Ryan "Fletch" Fletcher - Flute
William John “BJ” Pinnick - Guitar

Fairly certain we left at the second break or shortly thereafter.  We shared a lot of hugs and a lot of laughs.

We sincerely appreciate the music you make for us.  We do what we do because you do what you do.  Thank you all!

Rock on…