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I enjoy guitar purists.  Jason is that from the onset.  You immediately feel that he's poured most of who he is into the fret work.  Only mixing cover pieces into extended jams, I enjoyed hearing a lot of original stuff from his three man band.  Jason, is that a Gibson my man?

Pausing once to tell a not so brief tale of his move to permanent touring, he might have over-reached a bit for a wanting crowd.  Nonetheless, his music didn't disappoint.

He mostly carries the band in the cover work.  Not hard on a bass player and drummer to follow some pretty impressive fret work.  It was the originals that cut out the work for the other two fellas...I'm pretty sure they were missing a rhythm guitar???

I detected many influences but had no real chance to interview Jason to see if my impression jibed with his.

Among those: Allman Bros., Stevie Ray, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, and Black Oak.  But distinctly original just the same.

The set consisted mostly of decent six-chord jams with some high, clear riffs, arcing solos, mini-solos; but all with very little bridge work to speak of.  There was however, some pretty good bass work during the bridges.  And of course, short breakdowns...

But hey, that's classic/southern rock right?

A smaller sound system made for an almost perfect sound for this venue.  Sometimes louder isn't what a crowd wants.  With J.'s music, you want clarity.  My favorite: Right Back Where I've Been - good decent sampling of all that is the JWB.

And ...there were a few excellent transitions and time changes.  I always have an ear for that in classic and southern rock sets.  What stood out the most I think was the original hang time put at the end of each set...waiting on the drum snare.  Not wanting to end the song.  I think Jason enjoys playing, enjoys his music.

Moving into full time musician status by his own admission, he has a confident but relaxed approach.  He'll do just fine.


The Jason Wells Band