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Fearlessness...wrought from emotion.  It’s a treasured find when it’s palpable.

We first saw Tara Marlow at an open mic, where she sang a short acoustic set.  I noted then that I was intrigued mostly by the manner in which her fearlessness manifested itself in such a soulful way.  It was comforting, yet challenging to the senses.

She has a beautiful voice, no doubt.  But for me it wasn’t just the pleasing vocal range, as much as what appeared to rise from beneath.  To hear music sang through an unbridled expression of inner self...a filter that forgives as it confronts...that’s where the beauty lies. Tara has a natural fearlessness, truth in performing.

And it’s one of the most fearless voices I’ve heard in some time.

She opened her set at Digby’s Pub to a full house and a packed, front row table, filled with supportive friends and fellow artists.  Her covers were unique, and scale driven,  Several acoustic-friendly genres within her set, her voice became the soundtrack that evening for warmth - both within and without.

She even threw in a very nice holiday carol...

Crowd interaction scores perfect with me; not too much, not too little, just right.  Tara’s sing-alongs, shout-outs, and personal expression garnered extended applause many times that night.  That energy soon became tactile checkpoints in a set that was a song within itself.  She engaged the crowd, setting their expectations with an honest charm, then delivering in like fashion.

Her first original of the evening was also the first original she ever wrote, entitled
Funnel Road

I love the way the piece grows, as does the progression of emotion.  There are no suppositions in her lyrics.  They are clearly from a soulful place.  Vocal hooks fit perfectly in the acoustic setting.  Tara spoke afterward about her creative process.  Specifically, she noted its evolution while she was writing.  Life changes bring lyric changes.  Artists know that the more we live, the more we express.  Tara has embraced this in a way that seems to allow each creation to take a natural course.

Her voice emotes a simple honesty.  It’s non-apologetic.  A vocal embodiment of self, with a substantial range, and a somewhat muted complexity.  Hers is a determined, expressive voice.  It hung that night, filling the hollow of the timber with a haunting quiver.  It exudes a yearning want…a determined and poignant angst.

Her vocals were acoustic applications within themselves, making an impressive use of encircling beautiful trills; turning what would have been a great set...into a brilliant set.


Each song she performed that evening, collected your emotions and handed them back to you.  The energy was cyclical, as Tara appeared to sing from deeper and deeper within as the night went on.

And I must say, while it could easily be blamed on my brandy-warmed state, I found myself tearing up more than once from her emotive nature.

Whatever the road Tara Marlow chooses, we’re excited to be there for it.

Allow your inner spirit to feel something...catch Tara Marlow at her next show.

​Slow down Lafayette...and listen to some music...

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Tara Marlow

Tara Marlow
Acoustic Covers, Ballad, Rock
Dec. 22, 2017

Digbys Pub n' Patio