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Warm weather and what seemed like an endless day of sunshine brought out eager fans of three local bands this past Saturday.  It was a festival competition to determine who would represent Lafayette at an upcoming event taking place in Chillicothe, Illinois.

On the bill were the Fergus Daly Band, Miller and SpaceWords

The Lafayette Theater, with a proud history of showcasing local talent, is also the occasional stage for a RickerRocker favorite, open mic night, where local Lafayette musicians and vocalists test the crowd with their talents.

As we entered the venue, we encountered a steadily building crowd accounting for three potential sets of fans who awaited anxiously.

Bands had about 45 minutes to wow.  They each took full advantage of the allotted time.  As bands finished playing, the crowd thinned in some areas, grew in others.

Fergus Daly Band:

With a strong opener, this Americana-style band played with a cool confidence, about a dozen or more songs. A prolific set of original work, they were crisp throughout. Complete with a good closer, their hard work translated to a smooth set.

They played with a bonded style that highlights what is likely a long term relationship musically. We are looking forward to catching them again.

Our show was complete with dancing fairies in front of the stage, (a passel of sweet little girls danced for a while during The Fergus set).  


RickerRocker has attended their fair share of Miller shows lately in one form or another, so we've come to expect crowd pleasers. They brought their best that evening, including the always funkadelic cover of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” by The Temptations.

Their overall set was equally pleasing with big builds, full heavy grooves, and concise timing that leaves you properly funked.  With that level of play as a constant, we're all left wondering…

When will Miller record an album?


Grunge was the dessert of the evening, and the winner of the competition* was SpaceWords.

Several well written originals and an especially well matched playing style; I’m looking forward to seeing them in a traditional venue for a more robust review.

The highlight for us as veteran music junkies was drummer Jeff Lageveen structuring an intense and solid platform on which the band’s music settled in nicely.

Our original favorite for the evening was "Kevin’s Discussion".  A thunderous, felling tune.  Full of likeable hooks and intense lyrics.

The high point of their set was a sick (and our readers know I don't use that word often) cover of Queens Of The Stone Age’s - “Song For The Dead”.

Best quote of the evening:
“That dude reminds me of Evil Knievel!”

Second best quote of the evening:
“Hey...I got high with that dude!”

Congratulations to all the bands.  Special thanks to Digby's Pub and Patio for the after party.

Slow down...and listen to some music.


* is looking into the process by which bands are selected for festivals.  If you have input please send us an email at: (You won’t be quoted unless you ask to be.)

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