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The second time we saw Stud Fox:

Notes from Nov 5th, 2016 - Knickerbocker Saloon:

Seemingly with a larger overall confidence, their sound erupted...exploded throughout the Knickerbocker Saloon’s hall-shaped venue.  It was a smooth and intimate ride.

I once went down the rabbit hole with a groove/fuzz rock band known as Sons of Otis.  I almost didn’t come out.  Perhaps it was because I had so recently emerged.  Perhaps it was my newly acquired taste for an Atomic Bitchwax snack after dinner.

Stud Fox kept me there for a bit longer.  Their bass effects during solos alone, gave me a musical high like none other.  Their breakdowns branch from the traditional 3-chord outing...with funky measures, and an extended gelatinous rock jam that culminated with a post-break session that challenged traditional forms of heavy...for me.

I focused intently on each performer.  Drums were heavy, tight, but not too quick.  They were groovy.  Bass was an interlude to the main piece...almost its own song - perfect.  Guitar solid, not too heavy, not too light.  Lead vocals confident (more so than before), stirring...poignant.

There was an aggression in the Knickerbocker version of Stud Fox.  Their music had a clear and distinct ascension, with an almost unforgiving lack of descension.

The Evolution and Subsequent Departure of The Band Known as Stud Fox
Stud Fox - Psychedelic Rock
2016-2017 - Multiple performances.

On rare occasion we encounter a band that for one reason or another, we don’t immediately review.  Sometimes a band interests us into an intrigue to follow their musical growth over an extended period of time.  It best baselines for us, a band’s sincerity, musical maturity, and potential for forward progression.

The very first time we saw the band known as Stud Fox, we were visiting the Lafayette Theater.  I felt a distinct and heavy sound, almost stoner fuzz...which I dug of course.  They played that evening under the pseudonym “Soft Chicken & the Greasy Geese”; a misleading moniker though it was.  I of course, believed it ever so naively. was a great name...

The first time we saw Stud Fox:
Excerpt from Jan. 27th, 2016:
“Stud Fox (Masquerading as Soft Chicken & The Greasy Geese) - Rock

Man, I thoroughly enjoyed the stage presence of this band! Their work showed through the big sound impressively.  If they had more time and/or material they might have made me miss dinner.  Rock star presence.  Big changes.  Big sound.  Freedom with a “no fear” attitude...70’s style.  Would love to see them gel and play more venues!”

Nine long months passed.  And much like waiting for new birth in that time, we earnestly watched and waited, for hopeful sightings of a more polished, more assembled Stud Fox.

It was then that we happened upon a much more fluid version of the band that had seemed to catch our interest in such a big way.

stud fox digby's pub rickerrocker
stud fox facebook rickerrocker

The third time we saw Stud Fox:
Notes from Dec. 16th, 2016 - Digby's Pub made for the third outing to see this band.  On the particular night we caught them, there was an ice storm.  The faithful however, arrived.

Cycling hooks against a bass-driven palpability.  This was heavy groove-rock!

Stud Fox is a full experience.  Their lyrically rhythmic songs speak to our wanting-
" remind me of, the summer breeze...".

Larger than the set, larger than the crowd, theirs is a big sound.  It has reached a maturity.  It’s uniquely diverse considering the genre.  (I once heard what I sincerely believe was an accidental Peter Gunn theme during a jam session...)

What’s more is the physical and vocal dynamics exhibited by the lead singer.

Favorite quote from that night:
“Faithful groupies don't fear the ice!”

stud fox facebook carnahan hall rickerrocker

Stud Fox:

Jeffrey- Guitar/Vocals
Coco- Bass/Keys/Vocals
Tow- Lead Guitar/Vocals
Ian- Drums

Stud Fox masquerades at open mic
stud fox knickerbocker rickerrocker

The fourth time we saw Stud Fox:
Notes from: Carnahan Hall’s appearance on Feb. 9th, 2017

This set solidified for me, what I had suspected for some time.  Stud Fox could not only hold the stage from the second act, they were now at their best (and most unique) version to date…

If they had played for the rest of the night with no following band, I would not have moved until they were done.

They enjoyed themselves off stage as of many marks of a congealed musical group.

It’s time to write about them.

I spoke online with lead vocalist Jeffrey last month:

“By the end of the summer we will be residing in another state as we make a move to Louisville Kentucky to continue our musical journey. We feel that the local music scene in Louisville and surrounding areas will be more receptive to Corn Fed Psychedelia.
From there we will expand on what it means to see Stud Fox live, as well as, pave the way for concept albums, films, and much more- always embracing artistic expression.”
- Jeffrey Mason Martin - Vocals - Stud Fox

With his concert style song finishes and his open-throated, Morrison howl...Jeffrey and the guys in Stud Fox should have no trouble finding and keeping an audience in the big city of Louisville.

We hope to see you there guys.

Slow down Lafayette...and listen to some music.


Stud Fox is:

Jeffrey- Guitar/Vocals
Coco- Bass/Keys/Vocals
Tow- Lead Guitar/Vocals
Ian- Drums