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SpaceWords was difficult for us to catch a full set of in 2016.  A busy year notwithstanding, we finally caught them at The Knickerbocker Saloon just before the holiday break.  It was an intense set for the slim venue.  They brought a heavy sound, with grooved-up grunge.

These are some of our favorites from that evening.

This song first debuted for Lafayette, at The Lafayette Theater back in July of 2016.  It has a great beat and guitar hook out of the gate.  Something that I always enjoy, the ‘mini-riff’, came in on the first verse, and continued with a solid crunching beat throughout.  I dig the the arcing drop into the bridge.  A teaser ender around 3:30, then drop into another verse.  Ending on the riff! Good opening jam.

One of my favorite tunes by SW since I first heard it on
SoundCloud, it has what I think is the best overall representation of their unique style and creativity, complete with extra mini guitar hooks during the verses that I love.  It has a softer grunge feel that builds into the bridge, drum work that complements the quick transitions with kit rolls, and my favorite feature: an echo into lead vocals during the build into the bridge.  Finally, a nice bass drop toward the end with a slow smooth jam to let you down easy in lullaby fashion.

An early 90’s acoustic guitar lead-in sound, almost spoken cadence, and a slow build that brings on one of my favorite SpaceWords hooks - “...someone like you.” - a spoken tag brings it home.  It’s a memorable tune, sticking a little longer in your head each time you hear it.

Kevin's Discussion
I first heard this on in April of 2016.  I like the drum intro on this one, as well as the guitar crunch just before the lead guitar enters.  It’s melodic, and promises to be a good tune.  There’s a nice heavy crash-in with all instruments that heightens your expectation.  I’ve seen this one live and I like it a lot.  It fit well into the
Knickerbocker set.  The lead vocals on this one are held well in long sustained notes against the crash of each verse transition.  The breakdown softens a bit but has a slow melodic build with guitar runs that makes it heavy again.  I get the impression drummer Jeff Lageveen gets a bit of a break on this one.

Wide Eyed
Another acoustic feel on the lead-in; this is a solid tune.  Another well placed makes for a high point in the show like those SpaceWords is known for.  My favorite part of this tune is the slightly muted vocals and dropped notes right before the guitar hook.

This song gets a nod for one of my favorite lyrics as well - “...shake the constant doubt…”.

Mean Mug
A song whose name I’m glad to see hasn’t changed - ;)...It’s one of their slower ones that grew on me after a while.  The quick lyrics fit well, but I couldn’t seem to hook on lyrics as much as the crash in at about 2:30 mark, which has consistently been my favorite part of the song. Add Pinnick’s vocal range flexibility to that and you've got a complete jam.

SW played several covers, including what has become a staple - Cream's - Strange Brew.

Enjoying the SpaceWords experience requires only two things:

-An appreciation for a alt-grunge and groovy feel, with a distinct vocal expression, reminiscent of the 90’s explosion.
-A fresh mental landscape on which to project the imagery their music evokes.

Favorite quote of the night:
“Safe Words!” - :)

Slow down Lafayette...and listen to some music.

Rick S.

SpaceWords is:

William John Pinnick - Guitar/Vocals/Drums
Aaron Ade - Guitar
Kelly Greene - Bass
Jeff Lageveen - Drums/Vocals
Kevin Hull - Guitar/Vocals/Drums

Manager: Chris Pullen:

SpaceWords on Facebook:

Scott Ausherman - (Audio on Dec. 10th)