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We say it often, but it really is a pleasure to get to attend open mic events.  There’s always a reward, and we’re always glad we went.  And although the weather should’ve brought out musicians in droves this past Tuesday, the sparse showing provided a more than ample music listening experience.

On this particular evening we were able to enjoy great (and somewhat unexpected) camaraderie with a few faithful attendees, as well as good drafts and cheap but tasty pizza.  Those menu items may not sound like they would affect your listening experience, but I’ll let you be the judge of that - ;)

Shout out to Patrick Barry Brown, we’ll be hearing more of him and his band Three Cities soon.

There were several musicians that we hadn’t previously had the pleasure of hearing play before.  These are just a few of those artists that were in attendance.*

Josh Mckenney
Folk/Bluegrass Acoustic Guitar

We heard some rowdier versions of a few from Josh’s recently released CD.  I’ll have to stick with my pick of his song Won’t You Stay as the most memorable hook I’ve heard in a while at open mic.

If you didn’t catch him at the Java for future events.

Check out his original songs at:

Levi Hession
Folk/Soft Rock/Acoustic Guitar
Vocals/Guitar for the band Down Low Kickers

With a pleasant intro and frequent polite interludes, Levi played several tunes.  His voice has a fresh soothe we’ve grown to expect from the smaller pub venue.  Too much sound would likely have taken from his summer-esque vocals.  I especially enjoyed his (seemingly impromptu) version of I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston.

We’re looking forward to hearing that soulfully tempoed combination yet again when Levi plays with DLK.

David Crawford
Rock/Acoustic Guitar

We loved hearing David play! I stopped taking notes and got lost in solid guitar play.  He joined Jason Wells and Michael Hall on a couple.

Here’s some of what you missed.

MIchael James Hall
Various/Acoustic Guitar

I got a sincere vibe from Michael Hall when he began to play, as if it meant a lot to him that he was playing and singing.  There was a quick-step chord walk during one song that I especially dug, but I was so intent that I now can’t remember the tune - :)

Michael’s vocals left us feeling as though we should be a on a beach somewhere.

Open mics are held in Lafayette nearly every week at one of these three venues:

Professor Joe’s

Lafayette Theater & Events Center

Mom's Place Tavern

Favorite quote of the night:
I talk really loud!

Second favorite:
I’ve been busy!

RickerRocker would like to thank:

Jason Wells

Professor Joe’s

Thanks for reading Lafayette and hey...slow down, and listen to some music - :)


*As always, please contact me if you see your name here and you have anything to add or

change; or if you see something that can be corrected for another performer.  Please contact for change submissions.