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~Open Mic Spotlight~
Various Local Artists/Covers

Nov 21st, 2017
Professor Joe's

The pre-Thanksgiving open mic last week was an unusually full and warm gathering.

We thought we would share a few highlights; as well as pass along something nice that we were fortunate to witness amidst the music.

The evening was a win for me early on, when I captured one of the elusive four Wabash Mountain Boys - Phil.  We enjoyed a brief imbibement, while Phil and I discussed all things WMB.  He provided a great many bits of info, not the least of which was the group’s many Tinder philosophies.  More on that in a future article.

A packed house to play to (quite got really warm in there there were so many people) about a dozen or so artists provided musical highlights for the evening.

Diverse and exciting as always, the selections were very interesting.  Jason Wells played a throwback from Extreme - with Whole Hearted, Jordan Friend graced us with soft acoustics and an impressive vocal range, and Derrick Schertz wowed us with the only AC/DC cover of the evening - Have A Drink On Me, courtesy of his banjo.

The story of the evening was a large group that weren’t familiar faces to the Open Mic crowd.  The family and friends of Army soldier Brooks Yundt, on leave for the holiday, were all gathered there to hear him play.  Joined by his friend Ryan (former Air Force), and Jerome on cajon for the beat, they performed several well done covers.

I know from experience that among the many things you can do while you’re home for the holidays on leave from the military, you choose only the most important.  You choose what to make time for.  Music must be pretty important to Brooks, and we’re glad he chose to make the time.

Catch tunes by many different artists and musicians on Tuesday evenings at Professor Joe’s.  Perhaps you’ll get to witness as we did...a nice holiday tale to pass on.

Sometimes...there’s a nice story hiding among good tunes.

Slow down Lafayette...and listen to some music.


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