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This past Wednesday we found ourselves in yet another local favorite, Mom’s Place Tavern, for an open mic night*.  We had recently included their listing in our open mic venue reviews section, but hadn’t yet been able to visit.  It turned out to be another rewarding evening of local music.

This particular venue showcases comedians as well.  We were entertained by several funny performers while waiting to hear some music.  If you enjoy the bravery of an open mic comic, this is a great place to start your Wednesday evening.  But for now, we’ll leave the commentary on comics to other comics - ;)

Hosted by William ‘Little Willie’ Rice, this combination of artists began July of last year.  It’s called the Comedy Collision.  It takes place every Wednesday night with the comedy portion emceed by local comedian Bob Strawsma.  Say hi them when you go.

As usual with our commitments, we could only stay for a short while but we would like to highlight some of the talent we were fortunate to experience.

‘Jammin’ Jeff Gramman

Local musician ‘Jammin’ Jeff Gramman lent his percussion talents to those brave enough to take the stage.  Jeff G. is an old school rocker who has been involved in several bands including but not limited to: Hubcap, Finger, JeZuS FReaK, and Ball Joint.

Check his Jeff’s work in some of the previous links.  It’s an exceptional sampling of some impressively tight drum work.

Shun ‘Hollywood’ Goodwin

Shun ‘Hollywood’ Goodwin came armed with two sweet freestyle-type jams.  Using a few pre-recorded tracks (I love a prepared artist) he had us immediately moving to the sound, one of which his wife’s voice was sampled on.  The crowd was visibly driven by his lyrics, as well as his vocal stylings.  We were impressed when his second track brought the largest applause we’ve heard from a small venue in a while for a rap artist.  Looking forward to seeing more of his work.  Well done Shun.

Josh McKenney
Folk/Bluegrass Acoustic Guitar

There was also another Josh Mckenney sighting!  Josh sang a couple of his newest tunes before we had to go.  Sorry about that Josh...but we did sneak a picture!  Read about Josh’s work in a previous open mic review here.

Favorite quote of the night:
“If I’m gonna bomb, I don’t want it to be in my home bar!” - Willie Rice

Second favorite:
“She’s legally yours so I can’t...” - A very sweet waitress - :)

Special thanks to Willie R. and Jeff G. for welcoming us and providing all the important info.  We weren’t able to speak to owner Jesslyn Nobile, but look forward to doing so next visit to the venue.

Stop in at Mom’s Place Tavern next Wednesday and tell them sent ya!

​Open mics are held in Lafayette nearly every week at one of these three venues:

Professor Joe’s

Lafayette Theater & Events Center

Mom's Place Tavern

Thanks for reading and hey...slow down, and listen to some music - :)


*As always, please contact me if you see your name here and you have anything to add or change; or if you see something that can be corrected for another performer.  Please contact for change submissions.

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