Musicians need to play, that’s what they do.  Lafayette has at least three  known opportunities to do just that through the week at an open mic*.

Open Mic was hosted once again by Jason Wells:

He performed several songs from his new album: - and a few covers.

One of our favorites was a melody in which he included a cool melody of Get Rhythm by Johnny Cash and That’s Alright by Elvis.

It made me sing...out loud even... - :)

Spotlighted Artists:

These are just a few of the artists that were in attendance.

Josh Mckenney
Folk/Bluegrass Acoustic Guitar

Josh sang several for us, with at least two original songs.  I enjoyed his vocals immediately as they had an Irish folk quality.  I’m a bit partial to that sound as it nears March.  He was so vocally smooth in fact, that I had to check the calendar to be sure St. Paddy’s Day wasn’t here already.

That’s okay...I drank anyway - :)

Won’t You Stay was his opener, a soft intro with a big chord transition, into some fearless vocals.  We like that one.  His lyrics are soulful and deliberate.

Don’t Worry gave us a new bar song to love.  With an especially tricky vocal hook (in the second syllable of a lyric, that’s a first for me), it also contained a great lyric for both open mic, and a break-up mantra:

"’ll raise my glass and tell you to go to hell!"

Check out his original songs at:

The Wabash Mountain Boys
Folk/Fun/Covers Multiple instruments

Four members (one was missing I heard) made up this fresh and fun ensemble.  They opened with Wagon Wheel by Bob Dylan, always a staunch bar favorite, and it was wonderfully done, as well as an original I would like to hear again.

The ‘drummer’ used a cajon (look it up) which made it even more fun.  Can’t wait to see those guys again.

Jordan (JM) Lansdowne
Acoustic Folk/Indie Rock

We first saw Jordan back on January 27th, where we picked up one of his latest recordings Five Years.  Check it out along with others by JM here.

We thoroughly enjoyed Five Years.  It will be featured in an upcoming full album review.

Last night he played us a few off of that album, as well as a cool indie style cover of Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire.

He’s becoming a familiar face and sound here in Lafayette.  I see he’s inspiring other local artists as well.  He plays from the heart, and he plays without fear.  That’s how we like our music.

Jamie Warner
Rock/Cover/Folk Acoustic

Jamie played some great music for us, with an excellent rendition of Sweet Melissa by The Allman Brothers.  He was then joined by Kevin Peters who sat in to play lead for a few minutes. That was a nice few minutes folks.  Jamie plays strong, with impressive quick chord changes.  Kevin has a smooth and tender style I like.

Jamie plays with the band Graciously Departed.

Will try to catch Kevin Peters in a full set soon.  Well done fellas.

Harmonica Terry (last name missed)
Blues/Gospel/Bluegrass Harmonica

One especially delightful highlight of the evening was Terry the harmonica player.  This gentleman traveled here from Danville, Illinois just to play in our city.

Musicians need to play, that’s what they do - :)

He played a wonderful mix of gospel and bluegrass.  He even played the full version (not the fully composed version mind you) of William Tell Overture: Final by composer Gioachino Rossini, made popular of course by The Lone Ranger. was magnificent.  Glad I got to see that.

Here’s some of what we missed, thanks to Jamie Werner.

JW and JM

We’re sorry to have missed part of Kevin Peter’s set, as well as everyone else who played after we split.

Maybe next time we’ll break our curfew - :)

Open mics are held in Lafayette nearly every week at one of these three venues:

Professor Joe’s

Lafayette Theater & Events Center

Mom's Place Tavern

Favorite quote of the night:
“It’s 2$ beer, 10$ that right?”

Second favorite:
“I’m not making anymore jokes.”

RickerRocker would like to thank:

Jason Wells

Professor Joe’s

I’m constantly impressed and never bored or disappointed.  Isn’t it time you got out and listened to some live music Lafayette?

Thanks for reading and hey...slow down, and listen to some music - :)


*As always, please contact me if you see your name here and you have anything to add or change; or if you see something that can be corrected for another performer.  Please contact for change submissions.

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February 23rd, 2016

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