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January 27th, 2016

Lafayette Theater

We were fortunate to recently attend another open mic gathering at the Lafayette Theater, downtown Lafayette, brought together once again by Jason Wells.  Look for Jason’s new CD - Rock N Roll Revival coming soon, also being featured in an upcoming full album review here at

Surprisingly, this was my first time inside The Lafayette Theater.  Odd that, having lived here for over 11 years.  In my defense however, I hadn’t yet had a good opportunity to step inside.  It will surely become a regular haunt.

I love that pre-set vibe that fills a room when the sound is being checked, and fog machines have added to the smoky ambience.  Seated near the front, we were able to watch each artist prepare both off stage and on.

The stage was prepped for big sound.  All an artist had to do was bring what was in their heart and plug it into an amp... and the formula was a winning one.  Add a few well placed stage lights and you have a first class jam in the making.  There was no house band, so you had to bring your own sound.

In other words...bring it big.  And a few of them did.

Jason opened with a tune from an earlier work - Right Back Where I've Been (a favorite from an earlier review) and two songs from his new album, It Ain’t Me and She’s Gone.  I especially liked the latter.

Young Troy - Freestyle rapper
Having seen more than a handful of freestyle rappers do their thing, I was genuinely impressed by this young man.  I felt that most if not all of his set flowed smoothly and cleanly.  I got the sense that he meant the words, and that they came from a place of meaning.  Would like to hear him again.

Dale Bitner - Acoustic Folk
Dale played three songs beautifully, but my favorite was his soft rendition of Sweet Melissa by The Allman Brothers.  This guy’s impressive tonality and sustained vocals made me want to sing along.  Well done Dale.

Stud Fox (Masquerading as Soft Chicken & The Greasy Geese) - Rock
Man I thoroughly enjoyed the stage presence of this band! Their work showed through the big sound impressively.  If they had more time and/or material they might have made me miss dinner.  Rock star presence.  Big changes.  Big sound.  Freedom with a “no fear” attitude...70’s style.  Would love to see them gel and play more venues!

Jordan (JM) Lansdowne - Acoustic Folk/Rock
Passing through on a steady tour of dates scattered abroad, Jordan L. stopped in to spend some time at our mic and we were grateful he did.  A soulful vocal delivery, all original tunes (three I think) and a stage presence that filled the room with a sorrowful yet alive feeling.  He went on to open the following Saturday for Sheeza.  Sorry we missed that.  We look forward to more from him and may include his work in a full album review as well.

Favorite quote of the night: “Somewhere, somebody is stroking a cat.”

Second favorite: "Wasn’t Morrison a roadie?"

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