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Open Mic Spotlight

The following reviews were gleaned from an evening at The Knickerbocker Saloon, where the recently re-located open mic night was established, previously of Lenehan’s - downtown Lafayette - brought together by Jason Wells. Many thanks to all our friends and fans for patience while we took some time off. Fitting then, is our first review of a collection of local musicians.

A collection of musicians who went on a trek, albeit a short one, ending their exodus and re-assembling their talents for the new location of what previously took place at Lenehan’s Pub (recently closed), landed themselves at The Knickerbocker Pub. Lenehan’s loss...Knickerbocker’s gain.

The stage came alive a few Tuesday’s ago with the voice of local musicians and various instruments who not only knew each other…but appeared to be entrenched in a sub-culture wherein they were very familiar with each other’s talent and instruments. Many side conversations were taking place around us long before most of them took the stage. There were various instruments, disciplines, and vocal ranges - this is NOT an exhaustive list of those - which entertained us for several hours.

Disclaimer: we left a bit early, and as such I’m sure we missed more good performances. NOTE: As there were many performers, I’ve chosen to maintain brevity.

** House band: Jason Loughner - bass Jason Smith - drum performers by order:

#1 - Josh Mckenney - Acoustic, Alvarez Influence - Staind Strong chord progression. Strong fret work. Broke out vocally on his second tune. Well done.

#2 - Jim Eiser Electric, Unknown Influence - Neil Young, Pete Townshend Fair composition...almost had a ‘Baba O,Reilly’ sound to it. Strum ending.

#3 - William "Willie" Rice - Acoustic, Fender Influence - Tom Petty Well rounded harmonic tones.

#4 - Jennifer Wells House band. Clean, resonating vocals. Low vibrato. Sustained carrying.

#5 - Luis Traverso - Flamenco, Spanish instrumental. Strong jazz influences, Spanish vocals. Crowd favorite.

#6 - Michael James Hall - Electric, Unknown Joined by an unnamed bassist, and a banjo player who appeared again later. Well carried chord progression, band setting comfort, would like to hear solo.

#7 - Prium (sic, my apologies, no last name available) Acoustic, Cordova Influences - Sara Bareilles, Katy Perry, Sarah McLachlan Crisp tones, elevated chord progression, distinct fret movement, great voice.

#8 - Taylor "Danger" Coccinella - Banjo, Guitar, Electric, wine - :) First time I’ve ever heard Volare on an electric guitar with Spanish vocals. Followed by a self-written buzzkill. Oh well...that’s open mic huh?

#9 - Stan The Man House Band Influences - Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan Acoustic blues. Crowd favorite. Strong blues sound. Strong changes. Fair bit of solo strummin’...

#10 - Josh Howard - Blues, Lap guitar, electric. Might have been another instrument, corrections welcome. Influences - Sublime, Bob Dylan. Reviewer’s favorite.

Sorry, we missed the rest.

Favorite quote of the night: “Jason, your pick is too thick!”

Second favorite: "I’m real good at birthday shots!"

Final note...we hope of course to continue to attend future open mics and perhaps even spotlight individual crowd favorites.

Let us know if you have ideas...please. -Rick **Please contact me if you see your name here and you have anything to add or change; or if you see something that can be corrected for another performer.

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Various Styles and influence...

February 24, 2015

Knickerbocker Saloon