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Recalling the first few times I heard L.D. Miller and company in a small venue, and with the LSG, I remember remarking to my wife how well that big sound of theirs would translate in a larger venue with loftier ceiling space...where it could carry further, bigger, stronger.

Luck and providence found us in such a venue, catching yet another great set by Miller, the five-piece funky blues powerhouse that brought the big sound they’re known for to the popular south side sports pub.

Blues played in the manner that Miller plays comes with an expectation.  The bar is set high.  Even while moderately sipping my favorite drink*, I enjoy a clarity to the delivery for which we’ve come to know them.  Always smooth in the transitions, always well communicated in the changes, always a well tailored set list for the crowd - :)

The challenge was the real estate, making it hard to get close.  When we finally moved into the stage area we experienced some great covers up close.

In The Ghetto - Donny Hathaway

Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone - The Temptations
When The Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin
(still one of my favorite covers by Miller)
Too Close - Alex Clare - another big sound dazzler…funked up, funked out, laid down

Change by Blind Melon served as not only a well done encore, but the capstone that cinched the end for a frantically grinding crowd that seemed quite sad when their music funnel stopped pouring love out onto them.

L.D. Miller - Lead Vocals and Mixing, Assorted Instruments
Each time I have him in my sights, I gain a stronger appreciation for the subtext that takes place on stage between L.D. and Cole Miller.  It’s the kind of thing that you miss if you’re only listening and not watching.  It completes the experience when you catch the nonverbal cues that fluidize the well-oiled machine that is Miller.

Cole Miller - Drums
Cole and L.D. often have a behind the lines communicative skill while playing that is impressive to watch.  You could call it a family connection sure, but something tells me that years of playing together has to have contributed to the dynamic.  Recalling again the measurement of good drumming, restraint when necessary, Cole knew in this space that the sound need not be constrained.  He brought a heavy, crashing sound that flavored the set and kept it tasty.  Special nod once again, for Cole and company’s delivery of Levee by Zeppelin, only this time Miller had to be there....

Scott Pazera - Bass
I had the good fortune during this set to pay extra attention to the six-string bass leadership of Scott Pazera.  While it provided the footer for the evening, there was so much more there to be seen.  Pazera lead them through on several occasions like a field marshal, most notably when we were graced with what I now will refer to as the ‘Pazera Bass Chord Drop’.  He knew exactly when and where...and it always works...always.

Darren Grigsby - Guitar
Leading vocals on several tunes and keeping the rhythm ever so right, Darren G.’s delivery didn’t need to be measured by any other musical yardstick but presence.  He was there.  He was strong.  He was accounted for.  Well done Mr. G.!

Ryan Fletcher - Flute
Nothing is wasted musically as Fletch continues to surprise me by including the flute in songs in which I rarely expect to hear it.  It’s always a treasure find I enjoy stumbling onto.

Scott Ausherman - Sound
Challenged by a large venue with a small tunnel for sound delivery, Scott kept it crisp and kept it clear.  Another nod for the bridgework my man.

Guest Mandolin player - Scott Bond
My first time hearing Scott I believe.  I unfortunately hadn’t yet navigated through the often pressing crowd to move closer to the stage until after Scott’s guest appearance.  He sounded great from the back of the room, can’t wait to hear more of him up close.

Guest Vocalist - Ebony Barrett-Kennedy
Ebony joined them on Superstition by Stevie Wonder, with yet another powerfully laid down vocal cover staple complemented by the Miller sound.  It was a pleasure to meet you Ebony.  Your hugs are honest.

Favorite quote of the night:
“Eavesdropping is hard!”

Second favorite quote of the night:
* - “Single Cap’n, no ice, well tequila, club soda, lime…”

L.D. Miller - Lead Vocals and Mixing

Cole Miller - Drums

Scott Pazera - Bass

Darren Grigsby - Lead Guitar

Ryan Fletcher - Flute

Scott Ausherman - Sound

“When something makes you this happy, that something must be serving its sole intended purpose.” - Paraphrased excerpt from a conversation with our new friend Taylor Fortin.  I hope your Valentine’s Day was as good as mine - :)


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Feb 12, 2016
The End Zone

The End Zone