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~Taylor Fortin~
Urban Sketch/Abstract Artist
Mar 12, 2016
Knickerbocker Saloon

Knickerbocker Saloon

Taylor Fortin

Just a short blurb this week to highlight an event that marked another first for the gang from RickerRocker.  This past Saturday we gathered at The Knickerbocker Saloon to attend a mixed media performance, which included a live artist painting along with a live band.

The band was Miller, who we’ve enjoyed live on several occasions, and in various forms. Using their staunch, thick sound to provide a versatile audio backdrop, they complemented the explosive canvas of a local artist.

Often amid chaos (there was a fairly big crowd for the Knick), funk was once again the order of the evening.  The historical blues bar was filled with the soul, only this time art was in motion.

The artist was Taylor Fortin.  Somewhere in the middle of Donny Hathaway’s ‘The Ghetto’, Fortin began to apply his craft.  Working steadily alongside the groove, his hands waved in slow arcs, often with a cosmic like motion, to produce what ultimately morphed into a portrait of lead singer, L.D. Miller.

It was interesting watching the crowd shift their attention intermittently, as if they were matching sound with motion, pausing occasionally to admire the canvas.  It was fun to see their reaction as it dawned on them who the slowly forming silhouette belonged to.

I followed up with Taylor a short time afterward to find out why he does what he does.

“I've been drawing since I was a baby. My family talks about how they caught me drawing on the walls with a permanent marker while babysitting me. I really started enjoying art in high school. I would spend hours and hours doodling, just a notebook and ink pen. It was nice being able to find so much enjoyment in something and not have a care in the world. It has evolved now, just like practice with anything else would. I truly love how I can now bring joy to others through my artwork. I get paid to do something I love and share it with the world. I have artwork across the world in Michigan, South Carolina, Florida, India, Ecuador and more. It truly is a blessing and a dream come true! The live art was a great experience and there will be more to come!”

Indeed.  We’ll be on the lookout Taylor.

Sound for the venue came courtesy of highly sought after local guru Noah Freeman.  Look for a future piece on Noah and his craft here in this forum.

Favorite quote of the night:
“I wipe with that catalog!”

Second favorite quote of the night:
“I think I need a boob job...”

Taylor Fortin - Artist

Taylor has placed the completed portrait up for sale.  Although I can’t imagine someone won’t have snatched it up by the time this article posts -

Miller is:

L.D. Miller - Lead Vocals and Mixing
Loving the new guitar man.  I've included a pic here of what I will hereafter refer to as:

‘The Millerstein’

Cole Miller - Drums
We found you dude! You were wayyyyy back in the drummer cave!

Scott Pazera - Bass
Something tells me Scott P. is a big fan of ‘no-chicken-wire’ venues, given that the bass could have easily become an action movie soundtrack at one point in the evening. - ;)

Darren Grigsby - Lead Guitar
Extra cool my man.  Extra cool.

Ryan Fletcher - Flute
I’ve learned that flautists find it near impossible to smile and play at the same time - :)

Aakash Ravikrishnan - Guest Keyboardist
Nice gig man!

Noah Freeman - Sound
You are a master.  Look forward to speaking with you and learning all about what you do.

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