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Venue Event
July 3rd, 2016
Lafayette Theater

Lafayette Theater

Lafayette Theater - SpaceWords Ice Cream Social

Easily the largest music venue in the area, the Lafayette Theater showcases some very popular acts.  Bands and musicians that one might normally have to drive to Chicago or Indy to enjoy live, often come to Lafayette.  And it’s all due to the hard work of the Lafayette Theater team.

This large concert capable theater also hosts one of the many open mic events in the area, giving local musicians a stage on which to produce larger sound than perhaps a coffee shop or smaller venue might provide.

Last Sunday, this first class venue welcomed eager locals to do just two things:

Eat ice cream and listen to rock music...90’s cover style.

Hosted by the band SpaceWords, a crowd hungry for both music and sweets came calling. Our team arrived as SW were well into a crisp and heavy cover of Smashing Pumpkins - “Zero”.

also debuted two new progressive jams.  First was ‘Bore’ - a riffy jam with an unexpected breakdown, followed by my favorite new tune, a song called ‘Mean Mug’ - with a thunderous bridge and a crashing ending.

A sampling of onstage musical guests throughout the evening during the gig included:

Marty Clendenenfrom the band Midlife Crisis, and Brittany Rees with her standing bass courtesy of the Frank Muffin band.  This well-paired duo came on while SW sans drummer, Jeff Lageveen took an offstage break.

Claire and Courtney Tchoula of the band Sheeza came on stage for a cover of a classic Alice In Chains tune - “No Excuses”.  Harmonic as ever, they soothed the crowd with this 90’s classic.

Gibson Wells and The Edgars staged up for their Foo Fighters cover of “Hero”.

The 800 lb Gorilla sound check rounded off with a fantastic cinematic intro.  I love the way these cats set it up.  Their set included a James Brown cover - “Cold Sweat”.

Thanks to our man on the ground Russell Z. Bridges’ coverage of the third band Earphorik.  Russell Z. scored some sweet pics for RR.  According to RZB, Earphorik’s set was seamless, tight, and worth waiting for.

Thanks Russell!*

A moment here, to give a nod to an oft unsung part of the music machine.

Noah Freeman - audio engineer, and Robbie Alford - lighting designer. Without these talented individuals, the concert experience would be flat and unrewarding. Also a shout out to Andy Vigus, music production manager at Lafayette Theater, who has been with the theater since new management arrived.  Great work guys!

Find out more about Noah, appearing soon in our artist spotlight section.

The event result of a collaboration between Chris Pullen, manager of SpaceWords, and Andy Vigus.  I spoke to Chris P. about the collaboration:

Andy Vigus and I began the concept of having SpaceWords and local musicians perform 90's style covers. I was tasked with organizing the set. But then it began to expand into a community theme and I began to enlist local businesses to become involved. With this theme the SpaceWords' Ice Cream Social came to be. The goal was to try and bridge the gap between downtown and the rest of the community while showcasing the great talent we have. Many times I will bring a friend to a show and they always respond “This is incredible! Where is everybody and how do they not know about this?" The SWICS was an attempt to expand the awareness. There was a lot of positive and enthusiastic response by both the people in the community and the businesses, but we still have much work to do!!!”
- Chris Pullen SpaceWords' Manager

Special thanks to the the Lafayette Theater team:

Nate Pientok
Jordan Scott
Andy Vigus
Chelsie Anderson
Noah Freeman
Robbie Alford

Brittany Herriott

​Kayla Warf

Slow down Lafayette...and listen to some music.


*All color photos appearing in this article courtesy of guest contributor and photographer Russell Bridges.