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~Lafayette Locals~
~Kimmioke Karaoke~
May 26th, 2016

Professor Joe’s

Hosted by Kim Cashman

Kimmioke at Professor Joe's

There are many forms of entertainment in the Lafayette area. You can see a show, have a five-star dinner, hear live music, walk on the pedestrian bridge, and see inspiring local art.  But one of the most entertaining things you can do in Lafayette, is have a beer and a slice of pie with friends… and when the mood hits you just right, you can sing karaoke.

This hard-working and creative community loves to express itself. And of the many venues in which to enjoy this type of expression, Professor Joe's Sports Pub & Pizzeria provides the more intimate setting for revelry and fun. It’s a place where everyday people, some of which who normally are quite demure, can come out of their shell in this friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and shine like the secret stars they are.

This past Thursday night, many such stars belted out tunes in fearless manner, entertaining their friends and comrades.  Of the many visits to Professor Joe’s, those that include live music generally rank the highest for me.  But certainly those with karaoke rank far above than even that.

Kim Cashman, a samurai of karaoke herself, graced us with several tunes while each participant sallied up to wait on deck preparing to wow their company. Kim doesn’t just host, she herself has a set of proverbial pipes to be sure. If you get the chance to hear her sing, jump on it.

Thanks to Amanda Jacks, I spent most of the next day with the 4 Non-Blondes hit “What's Up?” stuck in my head, set mercilessly on repeat. Not a bad song to be stuck in your she reminded me the next day.  That song is totally in her wheel house.

Gracing us as well with vocal excellence, was Keegan Lucas,  K.L. showed no fear as he manned the microphone. Sorry we left so soon buddy, I’m sure you honored Queen in my absence.

And the man himself, Professor J., chose a favorite sing-along for a social, “Sweet Caroline”.  Dashing at one point to grab a fresh bottle.  Well done P.J.!

I even found myself caught up in the moment, and if I do say so myself I didn't do too badly. You’ll have to catch me next time to give me your opinion.

Special thanks to:

Professor Joe, for providing an enjoyable atmosphere and promoting downtown entertainment.

Kristine Brower and Paige Peters, for providing wonderfully friendly and personable service to what could easily be an unmanageable Thursday night crowd.  Thank you gang!

Karaoke with Kim, “Kimmioke” frequents several other great establishments.  Catch her at her next show, and tell her RickerRocker and company said hi.

And be fearless! Sing like nobody's listening Lafayette, and hey...slow down, and listen to some music - :)