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~Kendall and Purdy~
Acoustic/Folk/Grass Roots Rock/Cover/Original
February 14, 2014

Kendall & Purdy

I put some time and distance between my viewing of Kendall and Purdy before writing this review.  Not because there was anything in question mind you; but because as you all know, I’m a rocker.  These guys however, they did something we don’t hear enough of.  A return to some serious musical roots.

My girl and I were enjoying our Sweetheart’s weekend down in beautiful Brown County.  (Sorry BC, no plugs here but that one.) We searched and searched for entertainment and finally found some very close nearby.  We sat down with a few brews and some grub to hear these two cats.

If Kendall and Purdy (last names I believe) spent their set working great covers, then their influences might be clearer.  But it took me a few because…

Most of their material was original.

Yes kiddies, these guys can not only play (more on that below) but they can write.  I don’t get to review too much original writing in this area.  I’ve alluded to that before.

Influences became easier and easier to recognize as the evening carried on.  Such good crisp guitar work from both men I thought we were sitting in a recording studio playing along to a track.


Simon & Garfunkel

Dan Seals

Neil Young

Hell, they even threw in a Gary Bonds classic. I was genuinely impressed.  But the set alone didn’t do it.  Although each man held his own instrument, these guys were playing the same guitar.

I’m not elaborating.  I’ve seen a LOT of guitar players.  I watch for clear fret work, crisp bridges, clear changes, natural palm mutes, and each individual artist’s particular nuance on the flat top.  (taps, raps, slaps…)

But these two cats…they were so clean and together on every same note strike…wow…

Thank you, Dwayne and Jeff, for an acoustic guitar drive ride down a well harmonized open road.

Please tell me you guys didn’t do “Ventura Highway” by America after I left???