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Jackson Drake currently resides in Nashville, TN.  Normally I would place that at the end of the review, however I think it important to note that an aspiring artist who makes his home in Nashville is taking his music and his adventure - quite seriously.

J.D. set the vibe while tuning up for his set this past Friday at The Knickerbocker Saloon.  Clean shaven, with a soothing voice and an unassuming presence, he set the crowd at ease with soft string sounds before he stepped into his material.

And I’m pretty sure he was in his sock feet - :)

With an established set of original pieces, Jackson provided what would turn out to be an eclectic listening experience.  Using not only the guitar, but the mandolin and a piano as well, along with an accompanying djembe, he established an overarching folksy sound that was a unique mixture of bluesy coffee shop with a walk in a field of fresh flowers.  At one point I picked up on what was likely an unintentional samba backbeat...but I liked it.  In simple vernacular...I liked it very much folks.  It produced a very interesting tonality.  Hard to ignore those kinds of musical creations.

I also remember seeing more than one acoustic guitar.  A sincere musician understands that sound is a growing, changing medium - and that limiting himself to just one instrument doesn’t produce all that is inside him longing to get out.  In this, Jackson Drake achieved a well balanced delivery of singable, and some...danceable tunes.  We know...because we danced to one - :)

Equally impressive was the often occurrence of a soft bridge and a soft, slow coda.  Well done Jackson...well done.

With a humble confidence and a creative catalogue of lyrics, Jackson Drake has become an intrigue for us to continue to watch and follow, and see how his creations continue to grow.

Favorite song of the night:

Beyond Words -

Favorite lyric of the night:

-from Six String -

“We’d all speak, without sayin’ a single word…”

Favorite quote of the night:

(not from artist) - “Ask The Dan!”

Thanks Jackson, we sincerely appreciate the sound man.


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Jackson Drake