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Hero Jr. with the Down Low Kickers!

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July 8th, 2016

Down Low Kickers and Hero Jr.
Knickerbocker Saloon

A small group of people were treated last weekend to one of the best rock music performances I've seen pass through Lafayette in years. Along with some dedicated fans and Knickerbocker locals, team RickerRocker was treated to a big city sound from a seriously loud rock band known as Hero Jr.

Backed by sound and production man
Dusty Ray of the Knickerbocker Saloon, co-headliners Down Low Kickers started the show ahead of the Indianapolis touring band.  With the Pendleton/Visser signature paving the way, The Kickers opened with their stapled cover of Bill Withers ‘Use Me’.  They continued with the brilliant originals they are known for locally, my favorite of which was teased up an extra bit when Mitch B. unleashed a few times with some extra sweet riffs on “Let It Happen”.

Levi showcased his often seen harmonica skills, and Barker’s vocals seemed softer, almost romantic.

We look for the DLK to keep rockin Lafayette every chance they get.

Hero Jr:

Their first time at the Knickerbocker, I listened extensively to their catalogue prior to the gig.  Nothing (quite literally in this case) prepared us for the live experience.

These guys have a completely re-arranged sense of house rock.  Unexpected breaks, dead stops, left turns, step-style licks, hard rock…

Avoiding the jinx factor here...they are likely the cleanest and most technically astute rock band I’ve heard in a very...long...time.

Clean endings, mini-riffs, extra bridges.  Studio album style, live music impossibilities.  Just when we seemed to settle into their small arena vibe, as if they had set it with trickery to make sure we weren’t asleep, they surprised us with musical left turns - usually involving the maximum usage of their perspective instruments.

Solid music all the way around. The perfect and appropriately timed vocal wails from Evan Haughey, rolling sweet guitar licks from Ken Rose, tightly strapped bass lines courtesy of David DuBrava, and precise percussion reigning it all at the hands of Devon Ashley, kept it magnetic.

It was tight.

It was clean.

Nuff said.

Get a taste of lead singer and guitarist Evan Haughey’s soft vocals here… -

Hero Jr. have found the working formula for heavy rock sound.  It appears to be from straight-up hard work.  Thanks guys, for making music that endeavors to return rock music to what it used to be.

Thanks to Ken Rose, an incredibly seasoned lead guitarist, for all his help with the event promotion. Thanks Ken! Hope to see you again soon!

Special thanks to Levi Hession and The Down Low Kickers.  Well done guys! I love Let It Happen.  Sticks in my head after every show!

Favorite quote of the evening:
“I have to work on my fashion sense!”

Second fave:
“I did so much math!”

Thanks to Keegan Lucas as always for taking care of our table, and the Knickerbocker staff for doing the excellent job it always does.

Thanks for reading Lafayette and hey, slow down... and listen to some music - :)


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