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Heavy Glow

The absolute best and most original band I've seen in a very long time, Heavy Glow brought it to the groove table man.

Heavy indeed....

Complete with psychedelic light show (on tour with two next listed bands) it was as if I was standing in tie-dye heaven next to Jimi Hendrix.

Original hooks with heavy backbeat, slow cutting grooves (I will use that word a lot in this review) and what I still say is some of the best bridge work I've heard from a non-cover band in years.

Nice guys these three.  They've developed a good following and a good brand.  But it's not just a show by any means.  I buy a bands merch because I like them, not because it's cool merch.  (More on that in another bands review) - but taking the appropriately named CD "Midnight Moan" home to jam.


I expected Jazz when they first started to kick it.  Which took a long time at the Knickerbocker for some reason that particular night.  But it was so totally worth the wait.

Drummer Andrew should be named "The Animal" if he isn't already.  Mad man with 70's hair abounding.

Joe (should be named "The Killah") on bass.  He kept the tracks alive many times over.  Arcing bass work is detected by this cat's ear.

I'm sorry, but I have to do it...Heavy man, heavy.... - ;)

Jared possessed the 70's overshred gene with I personally prefer.  Vocals matched perfectly with the thick funk of Blues that was consistent throughout the set.

Insane tunes, insane.  And not a single cover!  A sign of a mature band who put real work into their presence.  Favorite of the set...Slave Dance.  Second favorite of the set...It Don't Make No Difference.

Thank you Jared, Joe, and Andrew.  We have been properly grooved.