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Flatted Fifth

~Flatted Fifth~
Alternative Rock/Blues/Jazz
July 13, 2013

Flatted Fifth, a four man band who bears the moniker of the somewhat related but not often confused "evil chord" - the augmented 4th...

With a distinctive original sound that consisted mostly of Jazz and a yearning for sustained notes vocally, FF impressed me with their half dozen or so originals.  I loved the sound.  It was a step outside of the cyclical re-renderings of most of the 70's, 80's, and 90's.

I detected soft influences.  Van Halen popped in my head, but these guys weren't about that.  They were more like Bread meets Chicago meets Tom Petty meets half of the Black Crowes - the musical half - ;)

One distraction proved to be their promo sign.  It sat forward of the stage slightly, angled rear ward for stability.  But you just don't put a loose object among dancing's gonna get knocked over a few times.

Finally, taking the high road like the consummate professional musician he appears to be, bass player Ryan Heimbach removed the sign from temptation's hand.

Good job Ryan - :)

Walking Shadows and Rough Cuts were my two favorite.