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~Doc Brown & The DeLoreans~
Rock/Pop/Cover Artist
August 9, 2014

The Knickerbocker Saloon

I enjoy strong and well chosen covers.  You know the kind I appreciate, when a band chooses a good set list and not your traditional drinking songs, and they really bring it to the stage.  This gang clearly chose their cover material to suit their particular style and vocal capability.

There’s always strength in a wide stage presence.  What strengthened DB & the D.’s presence last week was what appeared to me to be an obvious family dynamic.  I've since confirmed that the Klein's are indeed the husband/wife connection.

Immediate credit for NOT butchering a Jimi Hendrix tune.  I do so enjoy instrument purists.  The lead guitar player qualifies as a high ranking purist; although I get the distinct listener’s impression that he may not be aware of just how good he is.  The lead guitarist belongs in a higher class than most I've seen in a very long time.

Exceptional moments in the first set included a bold choice of How Far Is Heaven by Los Lonely Boys.  Not to oversimplify or understate, but very very well done.  Again, a choice that best suited the band's’ collective vocal clarity and harmonic capability.

No lazy playing here.  They stuck to crisp changes, strong timing matches, and it’s obvious they've practiced together for a long time or very often.

There was bass line strength that normally I would have dismissed as too much in the channel.  But this guy made it work.  No too much slapping, not too many palm mutes...and there no licking of the bass! - ;)

I would be remiss to some of my regular readers if I didn't digress for a moment and insert a popular movie reference here.  Although there was a bit of a sound system hum early on, it wasn't 1.21 Jigawatts - ;)

Crowd participation was encouraged at all the right times.  I'm genuinely sorry that there weren't more in attendance to enjoy Doc and the gang.  I've seen larger crowds for lesser quality bands.  We were quite fortunate to have experienced a band that plays at that level in a relatively small venue.

But then again, that made more room on the dance floor. - ;)

Just when I thought the young female vocalist was going to be a quiet one, she broke out with some KT Tunstall - Black Horse And The Cherry Tree - written by and for a female of course but still…well done ma'am.

All singers as a whole had a surprising collective vocal range.  And although there were no originals to speak of, Doc Brown & The DeLoreans peppered us with some fantastic covers and well delivered solos.

One in particular that I had to comment on to Doc, was just before the first set.  With a strong respectability to original notes, the two guitarists “shared” the solo to Tom Petty’s Runnin Down A Dream - that’s right folks, they shared it...took turns playing (with exceptional clarity) the guitar’s been a long time since I've been that impressed by a local band…

Now I know why the cover went from the advertised $3 to $5 at the door.  That’s happened before at the Knick; but it’s almost always an indication of the quality of the band.

Sublime's What I Got is never a bad idea; but in this case it was the drummer who sang the lyrics.  And any time the drummer sings well…I enjoyed his ability to mentally separate timing.  That takes practice and presence of mind...impressive.  If you don't jibe with that brothers and sisters then have a listen to Sublime’s classic.  You tell me if you could hold that drum beat and sing in time...

The line-up:

Richard Couch (guitar, vocals) - (Doc Brown - confirmed)

Lisa Klein (vocals)

Troy Nay (drums, vocals)

Dennis Rausch (bass)

Andrew Klein (guitar, vocals)

(Line-up taken from artist's Facebook page)

Additional props to any band that give us an extra hour of playtime.  Usually bands want to give up early...or play their scrapes if you know what I mean.  But not Doc Brown & The DeLoreans.  They gave us great stuff even at a late hour.  So we drank more...we danced more...well, there you go - :)

And Great Scott, at 88MPH...they sounded pretty darn good!

Yeah...I just went there - ;)


Doc Brown & The DeLoreans