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Dead Man's Hand

I really wish I had a decent link to this band.  Unfortunately, they were apparently new, had no merch table, had no discernible logo that I could see; and...there are about a dozen or so OTHER bands with the same name scattered across the United States.

Taken from the infamous poker hand...look it up - it's good homework!

Not since cover bands were cover bands have I heard a more spot on cover of Styx's Blue Collar Man.  OMG!!! These guys were DeYoung and Shaw made over.  The gig was Classic Rock; but damn son!!!!!! I believed I was listening to the original.

Also, and in classic rock dialogue, pulled off a very, very good cover of Plush by STP.  The Pilots would be proud.

I only heard what I thought were three originals; but they were good.  Solid rock sound with a significant peppering of Jazz and upbeat Blues.  And as good as those tunes were (and I can't link to them because no one has yet decided to put this band on the grid) I would go see them again just to hear their version of Styx's power classic.


~Dead Man's Hand~
Classic Rock/Cover Artist
July 27, 2013