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Chelsie Anderson

Artist Spotlight
Chelsie Anderson
-May, 2016

Music review and promotion in central Indiana and surrounding areas since 2013

Seemingly in touch with a spiritually-driven creativity, Chelsie Anderson spoke with us recently about her passions.  They include her love of the arts, as well as a focus on the preservation of the earth and its inhabitants.  Chelsie joins the many who think as we do, that our planet is vulnerable and subject to greed, and that we as a people are unashamedly destroying it.

Asserting that we can promote a better mankind through teaching our children, she believes that change is required of us as a people.  Destroying our planet and not caring she says, simply isn’t an option.  This love of people and planet she explained, emerges through her art.

Much of her perspective is drawn from regular visits home to see her family.  She acknowledges that these retreats often provide reality checks, even when she isn’t expecting to need one.  She attributes her grounded beliefs to their common creed, shared through supportive and engaging discussions with a closely connected family.

She alluded that although the midwest is slightly different than the big city in terms of art, there’s enough going on here for her.  She explained that there is always something to do, and that is motivating.  She laments however, to having a hard time finding artists who aren’t painting the traditional landscapes and flowers on a table.  She starves for something different.

She acknowledged that although Lafayette is teeming with musical and artistic culture, there are those that continue to miss the reward.  Mostly, Chelsie says, from staring at their phone.

Chelsie explains:

“Our generation spends time complaining as they stare at their phone, or sit on their asses playing video games.  They have an opinion but don’t act.  I want to ask, “What are you doing for the world every day?””

“They’re not moving forward.  They’re not asking questions.  They’re zombies.  I’ve chosen to let them be, but I believe there are more of us than them.  Our generation should do more for others, contribute to themselves and the spirit of others by giving and creating.  Their creativity gets placed on the back burner.  Most of us are going after a paycheck and lose it.  There may not appear to be as much logic in creativity...but it must be acknowledged in the balance.  We’re told from birth that it’s not as important as stuff or possessions.  They’re just afraid.”

RR: We often say that musicians MUST create, that it’s inside them and they can’t help themselves.  How does that relate to a visual medium artist?

“I hope that people can’t walk past my art without stopping to look.  Then whatever they take out of it at that moment, they will come back to.  I do that sometimes with a song.  I come back to it later.  It means I’m growing and changing.  I hope that my art is able to captivate people and put them in a sacred, peaceful, quiet place within let go of their stress and look into it and get lost in it…then come back to it later after growing from it.”

“I’m a spiritual person so I’m always searching.  I think it makes us better mentally.  I don’t want to force my art on anyone, no one likes that.  I’m always practicing, always progressing.  I’m lead to a deeper understanding of spiritual ways, ways of life.  I want to promote sparks of creativity or curiosity and make them ask more questions and seek themselves.  I think it leads to self-acceptance.  It causes people to give more to each other and to the world.”

“If people ask to see my work I can usually count on them lighting up as they see it.  It’s always interesting.  Sometimes it leads to even more interesting conversation.  It depends on the person, what they know or what they are after.  It makes their perception of my art intriguing.”

RR: Is your perception changing, seeing things and people and places differently?

“Whether or not you’re progressing is up to you.  Once you do, it’s beautiful.  If you aren’t asking yourself what things are good for you, you are subject to distractions.  You have to get within yourself to figure that out and connect with it.  If you don’t know yourself, you're not connected.  If you’re not connected, you can’t answer the question on any more than a shallow level.”

RR: What kind of music drives your creativity?

“I have playlists!” she remarks, with a comforting and disarming laugh.

*SoundCloud, she went onto explain that it was her favorite.

"It’s free, and I can hear music from people from all over the world.  It’s awesome to find yourself in a rabbit hole in a playlist.  They reflect my life, or where I was at the time.  I might have been searching at the time, then it doesn’t apply to me anymore.  I like soothing music to get lost in, that becomes one with me; it in me and me in it.  It’s sometimes strangely euphoric, like being high without a substance.”

On the issue of preservation, we talked at length about plants and birds, and the way the planet communicates with us, that we’re all part of one big organism.  Chelsie relayed a wonderful story about how she loved a plant to life...sort of...

“I recently got obsessed with plants.  I love ferns.  I got my first fern and it died.  I got another fern, and it died.  And I got another fern, and it died! The last one started to die and I began to love it back to life.  I was very attentive to its technical needs but focused on it with love and intent.  It worked!  I have a shit ton of plants now.  They change and reach for the sun.”

(She told us an equally loving story about a cat who initially didn’t want anything to do with her.  After loving it excessively, the cat has in return become an overloving animal.)

RR: It’s a great analogy for slowing down.  It doesn’t happen at our speed, but it’s still moving.

“See? That’s the nature connection that we’ve lost.  Animals eat what they need and move on.  They know their balance.  We have that same balance but have forgotten.  We take too much for our comfort.  We could do without most of what we have, be more creative with our resources.”

RR: When painting during a show like the one at Carnahan, do you feel as if you’re dwarfed or somewhat hidden by the surroundings?

“I don’t want to be blocked off certainly.  I don’t know what the best venue is, but I know it needs to be open and unrestricted.  The Lafayette Theater is a great spot for instance.  You want to set up where you aren’t getting blasted by the music, but where you can be seen by the crowd.”

RR: Speaking of The Lafayette Theater, you call several places home in Lafayette don’t you?

“I do.  I work at the Lafayette Theater, but am also involved with Carnahan Hall and Our Motivation For Change - (OMFC).  Lafayette Theater is a great place to be.  They are my family.  I’ve known Nate (Pientok) for a couple of years.  We are like-minded.  He’s been a big mentor.”

RR: Are you accomplishing what you set out to with regard to art awareness?

“Yes, it’s a slow process.  It’s still very new for me.  I’m trying to let people know I’m here.  I’ve slowed down a bit since I started at the (Lafayette) Theater but there is progress.  People ask me about the spiritual side of my art.  I get to talk about it.  There are like-minded artists that I know who are very encouraging and supportive.  They offer critique.  I listen and accept where appropriate.  As far as critics go...everyone’s a critic.  Artistic critics are very few and far between.  Actual critique is a different thing, and very valuable.  It’s nice.  Sometimes critique is based on ignorance, sometimes not.  People try to be constructive but it depends on their perspective.”

RR: Tell me about the Artist’s Village idea.

“I talked to several friends who have displayed art in many different venues who weren’t pleased with their showings.  I think it would be great for artists if we were all together in one place.  This way we’re there seeing each other’s work and offering exchanges on it while the public sees it.”

RR: Your SoundCloud page has you listed as Chelsie 'Rose Marie' Anderson.  Do you mind if we use that? I think it has an artistic feel.

“Go for it!”

Make a connection with Chelsie as we did during the writing of this article, by listening to the music that accompanied her on her journey:

​* - and our personal favorite, ‘zenbeats’ - :)

Seema Warner, co-owner at Carnahan Hall, offered some words of praise:

“Chelsie is a beautiful and ever transforming artist. She has been spending the past couple of years developing her art through drawing and painting. I met her in 2014 when she came on board with OMFC (Our Motivation for Change) which is a group that focuses on spreading awareness of the important of the arts. She is a very passionate, driven, and very talented person. At OMFC she helps with Graphic Design, Web Design, and our Monthly Email Newsletter. She just finished a month long exhibit at Lafayette's Bindery Artist Studios and is also in the process of creating a collaboration type village for this year's Mosey Season! She is the quintessential Artist!”

Having met Seema, we take those words at a genuine sincerity.

Our time with Chelsie ended shortly after a round of thunderstorm warnings in the area.  We were as they say, blissfully unaware.  It’s an easy observation to make however, that during our conversation we were completely unfazed by the storm.  Sensing our time was near, she offered some words of her own:

“When I paint these structures, I hope to captivate the passerby or stop them in their make them stand still and forget everything else.  When I create these structures I hope that each time we see it, it brings us back to a place of clarity, stillness, and silence.  A sacred place.  A safe place.  A free place.  A place to clear the mind and truly be free.  To accept my imperfections as perfections and in turn, our own and those they love.  Pure love, unity, and respect emanates from the core of each structure, love of the universe, through me, to us.  Set visually in a manner to communicate with those of us that reside here.

As I venture through this life, I share my discoveries that stimulate the spirit of our soul.  I challenge the viewer and myself to fearlessly dig deep within, to feel, and to trust.  Inspiration reaches me through all nature and the cosmos that pulses through each of us.  It is my mission with this love, unity, and respect, that we will soon regain harmony.  Venture with me into the Wilde Garden of the cosmos.”
- Chelsie Anderson

Thank you Chelsie.

Slow down Lafayette...and listen to some music.  AND...throw some art in there as well - ;)


Chelsie Anderson - Artist/Creator

Carnahan Hall