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Just a short piece, as we started our musical weekend a bit early last night with a young man from Wingate Indiana who has adopted the traditional one-man band approach, coffeehouse style.

Cap Quirk, along with a large group of supporters for a young musician, brought a different sort of vibe to
Digby’s Pub this past Friday night.

Puzzling immediately to us however, was how this young fellow could have two albums released, and we had not yet heard them.  We were eager to find out what we had been missing.  And although the song titles implied country music indications, most of his tunes and lyrics were not of the country music persuasion.

Wherever he's been hiding, our visit was not without musical reward.

Playing acoustic guitar, a harmonica, and the bass drum, Cap performed several covers and a few originals that showcased a previously unheard to us, vocal sound that we enjoyed very much.

Almost Dylanesque, although I don’t dare quantify his overall talent with a genre comparison, Cap surprised us several times presenting a soft-noted vocal delivery.  He saved his introduction until the second song was under his belt, letting us know who he was initially by his music.

He continued with interspersed covers and originals, highlighting often his vocal range, and pleasing chord changes.  The lyrics to his songs came with a thoughtful eloquence that fall firmly in the storyteller style of Americana.

He employed the harmonica often (only absent in one or two songs), including it in a nicely done cover melody wherein he interspersed two classics, Tom Petty’s ‘Mary Jane’s Last Dance', and Neil Young’s ‘Heart Of Gold’.

With impressive finger runs amidst a strong harmonica presence, he maintained a folk vibe throughout, often vocally sustaining notes well outside of the guitar rhythm restraints.

Already a challenge musically to play three instruments at once, it was a pleasant surprise that he did so while maintaining quality and soulful delivery, with soft melody hooks.

Our favorite of the evening, including a short rap mixed in with passionately expressed vocals, was
‘New Song’.

Best quote of the evening:
“Lot of dudes man...lot of dudes.”

Second best quote of the evening:
“Shouldn't all roadies have long hair?”

We look forward to seeing Cap again.

Slow down Lafayette...and listen to some music.


Cap Quirk