An Evening With Drench and Friends:

It’s not too often in the course of our outings, that we get an opportunity to enjoy more than three acts in the same evening.  When the rare opportunity arises, we jump on it as quickly as possible.

We chose such an event as our pre-turkey day gig.  Five bands in the Lafayette Theater on a Saturday night.


King's Gambit

Not the first time we’ve seen KG do their thing.  As before, they delivered a stand out set.  The drummer and lead vocalist, arguably the main two sources of energy.

Vocally aggressive, King’s Gambit opened in a no-nonsense manner, energizing the crowd and bands to follow.  Their set was tight, a melodic grind-core sound, with a few that were almost ballad-like.

Powerful yet subtle at times, Kings Gambit opened the show with force.

Well done.

Blood Of Heroes

This band had a lot of fun on stage.  They were fun to watch as well.  But their hard work showed.  The opening few songs were well done technical pieces, with slow transitions into progressive, scale-driven combos.  Their set progressed even further with more than a few surprises.  I heard several half-step change-type hooks that I found myself wanting to hear again.

BOH lead singer brought impressive clean vocals mixed in with growled lyrics in a surprisingly adept and sustained manner.  Some great wails this guy.  His stage presence suggested there were many more hiding in there somewhere - :)

I was most impressed with this band’s stage presence and technical complement.  They played well together.

Thanks for the hard work guys!


If you haven’t been following SpaceWords lately, it might have been a surprise to you seeing only three members on stage last Saturday night.  Having underwent several fairly recent changes, a new direction emerged from the stage.

B.J. Pinnick, Kelly Greene, and Jeff Lageveen exhibited a newly grounded force of three on stage.  I saw hard work in there, and more importantly…

I heard it.

New material!!! Several new tunes from the re-organized three definitely deserve a repeat listen.  One with two distinct and melodic hooks.  One with an experimental sound and a uniquely groovy bass line that I will enjoy hearing again.  It seems that SW has stepped into the deep end with only three life preservers…

...and they have found a friendly current.

Fight Like Sin

Always a good rock show, and with good reason.  Sure, there are more than a few reasons that the rock crowd loves FLS.  But it’s not just their energy.  It’s not just their stage presence.  It could be both, it could be neither.  But there is really only one reason needed.

Their songs are well written and full of hooks!!!

Lead singer and guitarist Cody Hughes came ready to entertain.  Tim Stepp is a madman on the kit - his energy amazes me.  Drew commands the bass while adding flair to that side of the stage… as always - ;)

What made Saturday night’s set extra special, was the return of Blake Balensiefer on lead guitar.  Blake has settled right in, on guard with technical precision.  Although his solos were muted at times, his skill did not go unnoticed.

Well done Blake!

Distinction as well, in one new song FLS introduced that evening entitled Haunted.

There it was! That same FLS time signature, with melodic stops, explosive roll outs, great riffs with equally cool bass lines.  Can’t wait to hear it again!

Their double fisted closers Fire Away & No Ghost went over well with the swelling crowd, properly setting the vibe for the evening’s headliner.

FLS is currently in the studio working on a new album. Following their recent EP Singularity, their fans will expect to be wowed again.

I’m sure they won’t be disappointed - :)


This was our first time seeing Drench.  Previously, they were a band that had not been on our radar.

Now lead singer, Johnathon Lee had mentioned in an discussion earlier this year with RR, that Drench had seen a lot of changes since 2012.  In addition to lineup changes, Lee and his wife had a baby mid-2015; further slowing things down for everyone.

We were intrigued when we finally saw the event poster back in early September that they would be headlining.

Their sound for me was a poignant reminiscence of 80’s punk, pre-grunge, and alt-rock sound that I liked.  The bassist caught my attention on several pieces in this same style.

One tune that was immediately familiar to me:Noose Clinch (working title):

"...I'm clenching the noose around my neck..." - a soft hook, a dark but hopeful sound... I like it!

I had previously sampled it in a demo (unfinished), and felt it had the makings of what could be a signature sound for the band.  Can’t wait to hear them in the studio.

With drips of heavy and elegant builds, crescendos with vocal abandonment, Johnathon Lee and company promise to be a welcome return to the rock scene.

A brief sadness…

As well as the evening went however, some were left with a slight disappointment...a certain discouragement.  The reason for this was later elaborated on by one person in attendance in particular.

Earlier that day, November 18th, 2017, the rock world felt the loss of another icon - Malcolm Young.  Young was cofounder of the incredibly successful and influential rock band AC/DC.

If you don’t know who that is...maybe you should revisit your musical roots entirely - :)

Said one person in attendance:

“Only once was Young or AC/DC mentioned, with no cover!  At one point the lead singer of Blood Of Heroes gave a brief shout out to Young, causing several in the crowd to get very excited thinking we were going to here an AC/DC cover.  Anything! But there was nothing!” - :(

Sad face implied.

As a good friend of mine in the business recently joked: “’s not that hard to play an AC/DC song. Start playing three chords and eventually you’ll stumble onto one...“ - ;-)

I have to agree...had any of the bands thrown in a cover...I think it would have totally killed.  But the show was incredible nonetheless.

It’s nice to see growth from bands we’ve enjoyed now for several years or longer.  But to see several of them grow and morph in one night...well…

...that’s why we call it the show

Peace and Love.

Slow down Lafayette...and listen to some music.


Alt Rock/Grunge

An Evening With Drench and Friends

Lafayette Theater

Nov 18th, 2017


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