Music reviews from local saloons and similar venues.

Saloons, bars, and other venues

We get to go to so many places and see so many bands.  What we try to do here is centralize our best experiences so you can have one launching pad to find out all about new bands, good bands; that no one hears much of if people like us don't put something out there for them.

My Yelp:

Just a few of our regular haunts, in no particular order:

The Knickerbocker Saloon, Lafayette, IN* - http://www.knickerbockersaloon.com/home/

*Obviously our personal favorite, it's the oldest bar in Indiana AND some of the coolest bands play there.

The Avenue

The Sportsman

Down The Street

Indiana Beach - The Roof


The Madam Carroll

West Point Steakhouse

The Neon Cactus
http://www.neoncactus.biz/ - see The Piano Man's review in Bands We've Seen

Pine Room Tavern
http://www.pineroomtavern.net/ - cozy little place my girl and I visited on Valentine's Day - 2014
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